"When I was younger, I used to pride myself on my ability to see beauty in everyday life. A simple breeze, the light glistening on dew covered grass, or a sunset, lighting up in color the radiant undulations of a clouds edge.

These moments of beauty were like breaks in life. Little moments of enjoyment amongst all the clutter. When ever I noticed one it was a way to de-stress; to stop and breathe and not think about anything else.

I was getting so much from these moments of beauty that I wanted to give that to others. With many mediums I would try to convey that beauty but I only managed a couple of times. It wasn't until I bought a telescope and learned about optics that I started to learn how I could use a camera to get pictures that told the story I was seeing with the emotion that I was feeling.

And so off on that journey I went and go still. Gaining every day a better understanding of how to use a camera to convey on two dimensions the emotion and wonder and unimaginable beauty of my three dimensional experience in this world."

Bill Grasse lives in Ouray, Colorado where he works as a Climbing Guide for San Juan Mountain Guides.